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Pet Sitter for Lake Stevens & Machias

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Hello, my name is Kathy Mitchell. I'm a local dog walker and pet sitter for Lake Stevens and City of Snohomish.

I'm in Machias, just a few minutes away from Lake Stevens. I've had over 15 years experience as a dog walker and pet sitter and have taken care of dogs (from Chihuahuas to Great Danes) cats of all types & personalities, pocket pets, tropical fish, koi and goldfish, doves, pheasants, chickens, ducks, cockatiels and a small parrot, goats, bunnies, horses and ponies & a donkey.

I've had a special connection with animals since my first little black & white kitten as kid. I live near Machias, with "Pepper" and cats, "Tuffy" the terrier mix, and my shubunkin goldfish "Kitty" and "Spot." 

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Your companion animals will feel comfortable and safe in their own home environment with my home visits or housesitting for your pets. They will have a familiar friend over to provide all their needs such as food & water, walks, litter scooping, pooper scooping and so on. They might also enjoy some playtime, brushing and treats. Your animals will get lots of affection and soon look forward to my visits.

I also provide home services including bringing in mail & papers, watering plants, changing radio or tv, and switching lights, curtains or blinds for a lived-in look. I can take out the trash on garbage day.

Licensed, reliable and experienced. Established business. Excellent references!

Red Cross pet first aide certified.

Lake Stevens & Machias

Kathy L. Mitchell


[email protected]

Why use a professional pet sitter?

1) Less stress - your pets will stay at home where they feel most secure and comfortable. And you won't need to worry about them while you're away.

2) I'm reliable. I won't back out the last minute or be a no-show. I'm dependable.

Call or e-mail meow to set up a meeting.

3) No exposure to illness from being around other animals.

4) Personalized attention from an individual who knows and cares about animals.

5) A regular routine. When you use the same pet sitter your animals will soon realize that while you're away someone they know and trust will be there to care for them.

Why choose me as your pet sitter?

1) Pet sitting is my profession of choice, not a fly-by-night business. Some do petsitting while waiting for something else to come along. I truly enjoy taking care of critters, and I will be there to look after your animal friends for many years to come.

2) I have a soft spot for all creatures and believe that every animal should have the best of care. Your pets deserve no less!

3) Save money. I offer competitive rates. And pet sitters are often less expensive than boarding, expecially when you have more than one pet or a variety of different kinds of animals.

4) The first day petsitting for new animals I spend extra time so they can get aquainted with me and adjust to your absence.

5) I'm experienced. From having my own animals to well over 10 years experience as a pet sitter, I've taken care of many types of animals from pocket pets to farm animals, and have delt with all kinds of unique pet personalities and situations.

6) I'm good with details. Do you have complicated medication schedules or a variety of animals with different needs?

Kathy at Kathy's Cozy Critters takes care of barnyard birds such as chickens, ducks, geese, doves & pheasants.

7) Courtesy call, text or e-mail the first day to let you know I got in & your pets are ok.

8) I can provide a security check of your home upon first arrival making sure all the doors and windows are locked and the stove and appliances are off.

9) I can reinforce your rules such as 'no begging' and 'keep off the couch'. I can also reinforce your training (using positive methods). This goes for puppies learning for the first time as well.

10) I'm knowledgeable. I've been learning about animals from elementary school days my favorite books were animal stories. And I've have learned about many kinds on the job from farmyard birds, goats, chickens, pocket pets, rabbits, donkey etc.

11) Too busy to change the fish water? I've had tropical freshwater fish and goldfish since my first aquarium at 10. I can change the water and clean the tank for you on a regular basis. 

12) Also regular cage cleaning for birds and small pets.

Serving Lake Stevens.

Call or e-mail for more info, references, or to set up a meeting with your pets:

Kathy L. Mitchell

Kathy's Cozy Critters


[email protected]

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